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Project 12 is Sven Cautaerts, and Sven Cautaerts is a multipotentialist (yes, you can look it up…). A socially-engaged freelancer. A closet full of different passions that make him your needed fixer. Someone who is grounded in business development, event management and health & safety. And he loves to tap into his entire arsenal of both business and personal capabilities for any job. With a high dose of enthousiasm and drive

Sven Cautaerts is all about getting things done. Fairs, incentives, teambuildings, festivals or corporate events… he can do it all. Or else he knows the right people to partner up with. A strong network is what makes for a great freelancer.

My strong suits

Event management

Above all I’m an eventplanner. But one your can rely on from pitch to debrief. A freelancer who first sells the project, and then manages it with you.

Business Development

Some people say I’m a born seller. But I call it “seeing opportunities”. I try to really understand the product or company, to translate the USP or unfair advantage into something sellable. Afterwards it’s all in the negotiation!

Event staffing

Whether you need stewards, stagehands, bartenders, drivers, catering crew or simply “helping hands”… I’ll find them all for you at reasonable rates. 

Digital Communication

Having studies Communications social media was an important element. Setting up your Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter or Tiktok can be made easy. 

Health & Safety Advise

As a licenced Health & Safety Advisor Lvl 2 I consultant about safety regulations, first aid management, fire hazards, ergonomics etc. in your company or work environment.

Safety Coordination

As a licenced Safety Coordinator Lvl B I consult by preparing a safety file and do a full analysis of the event site prior to opening. An added value when someone who himself is an eventplanner, evaluates the safety of it.



Working with Sven is having an endless battery of energy walking along. Even when shit hits the fan you have someone who keeps up the spirit and is motivated to pull through. Who stays calm, doesn’t panic and shows no stress. Or at least not when you can see it.



Having a freelancer that is passionate about every aspect of the event, from catering to technical setup, safety and decor or animation… That’s something you notice. It gives you someone that will try to exceed expections in just about everything he does. Who keeps improving his work. A perfectionist. Are you ready to handle that?



The power of a freelancer lies in its network. Whether it’s other freelancers or a contact sheet full of suppliers. Working together for different clients, with ranging budgets at several locaties gives a lot of perspective.

Who are some of my clients

I work with a lot of event agencies. Sometimes clients find me directly.
Here a grasp of my references.


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