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Providing a Crew

You might need some muscle for placing fences, a delicate touch for the decorations, a parking guard, a stagehand, or a full bar crew. Let us know where and when. Depending on what kind of crew you need, we'll give them the right outfit and tools. This may include safety shoes and helmets, but also a black tie and white shirt.

   Roadies & Stagehands

For the build-up, execution or demolition of an event, you can call us for a roadie or a stagehand. They are the most multipurpose helpers. They have an overall knowledge in decorating, technique, signalization, waiting, etc.

   Bar, Catering or Hospitality Crew

Two or fifty people, one day or a full week... All is possible. You can ask us for a trained bar crew, waiters, kitchen aids, cloakroom staff or a reception desk hostess. Our crew will be dressed to the occasion, and is multilingual (Dutch, French, English).

   Climbers for Staging

If you need climbers, we'll give you fierce men who aren't afraid of heights.


Our people know how to properly set up crash barriers, nadars, heras etc. If needed we can provide someone with a forklift or Manitou certificate.

   Photographer or Film crew

Smile for the camera... Our professional photographer can take over a thousand pictures. Afterwards they're all filtered and adjusted to perfection. Ready for you to share on the internet.

   Runners & Drivers

Nothing more stressful than realizing you forgot something at the office. Foreseeing lastminute errands can save you a lot of headaches. Depending on the job we can provide someone with the needed drivers license (A, B, C,...), vehicle (car, van, truck, shuttle bus,...), uniform (suit),...

   Parking Guards & Stewards

Your guests will remember the frustrations they had upon trying to leave the parking lot. Contact us for parking guards. They will be set at the entrance helping your guests get in or out, they'll bring some structure to the site, add signalization for a better visibility, check invitations and keep you up to date when your VIPs have arrived.

     Technical Support

We've had our fair share of powering events. We've got a team that knows the difference between a 32A cable or a powerlock. They're not electricians so you might need to show them around. But at least you won't have to explain them everything every 2 minutes.

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