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Creative Concepting

A creative concept helps define your marketing message. It’s the foundation of your campaign.
Together we create something unique, in line with today’s trends.

How do we work?

Everything starts with an e-mail or a telephone call. We compare agendas and set up a meeting. Next you give us some context: What's the core business of your company? What are your preferences? What's the occasion, the desired outcome and budget? In short: all the info we need to define our briefing.
We'll then start brainstorming and puzzling till we get a solid concept. We set up a second meeting where we'll give you a presentation along with all the necessary documents to decide afterwards (visuals, budgets, a copy of the presentation, a booklet,...). You like the idea but it isn't quite what you expected? No problem, we'll get back to the drawing board. Want the budget adjusted? It's only a word and we'll send you a second version.

Let's say you accepted the budget, corresponding the concept of course, we'll send you all the formalities. This includes contract or purchase order, non-disclosure if needed, invoice, roadbook, ... The only thing you can do then, is relax. We'll send you regular updates on the status of your event.

What is our strong suit?

Project 12 doesn't copy, we create. Every briefing is treated we the utmost attention. We won't settle with a concept that has been seen before, but will face insanity head-on to hand off something amazing.

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